Kenra Color

Kenra Color – Color Support Products

Kenra Color offers a range of Color Support Products to maximize your color experience and ensure simply stunning results. Each of these tools can be incorporated into any Kenra Color Permanent or Demi-Permanent color service.
  • Porosity Equalizing Spray
    • Porosity Equalizing Spray ensures even pigment absorption on hair with uneven or high porosity. This gentle, lightweight formula also assists in conditioning and detangling the hair and is designed for use prior to a Kenra Color Permanent or Demi-Permanent color service.
    • Application: Spray in sections and comb through for even distribution. For fine hair, select 1” sections. For medium hair, select ½” sections. For thick hair, select ¼” sections.
  • Stain Removing Wipes
      • Stain Removing Wipes gently remove unwanted color on the skin that may occur during color services. Formulated with Aloe Vera to be gentle for use on all skin types.

    Application: Open the package and remove the wipe. Gently massage over the stain on the skin to remove color. Follow with a damp cloth.