Kenra Color

Kenra Color – Lightener

Kenra Color Lightener can remove natural or artificial pigments, both indirect and direct, to help eliminate unwanted tones such as ash or red, and features a blue-violet base to help control unwanted warm tones. It is a dust-free powder with a lifting strength of up to 7 levels in a single application. Extremely versatile, this lightener can be applied both on and off the scalp with Kenra Color Permanent Developer 10 – 30 volumes in different ratios for multiple blonding effects — 10 and 20 volume on the scalp, 10, 20, and 30 volume off the scalp. The mixture’s creamy consistency retains moisture and is drip-free for ease of use.


Mixing Ratio:
1 Level Scoop: 1 part Developer (up to 1:3)

Processing Time:
Check result regularly during processing. Do not exceed 60 minutes.